Monday, November 22, 2010

Angel Wing Tattoos

There is no doubt that angel and angel wing tattoos have become extremely popular in recent years. And why not? Angels are some of the purest creatures that one can choose to ink on their bodies. They are very spiritual; these tattoos are around the most religious out there! However, not everyone who decides on angel wing tattoos or angel tattoo designs is getting them because of religious reasons. Angels stand for so much more than that.

Angel wing tattoos can be found in many shapes and sizes. Some span the entire area of people's back while others are small enough to fit nicely on your ankle. So how do you know what size to get? It's all about your personal preference. Some people just don't want an enormous tattoo covering their backs. Smaller angel wing tattoos are much easier to hide and some find them more attractive.

Full-bodied angel tattoo designs are just as or even more popular than angel wing tattoos. While the wings are cute and subtle, an entire angel can depict exactly what you want them to be thinking and feeling. The tattoo can portray a happy, peaceful angel or a protective guardian angel. Some illustrate a saddened fallen angel, while others represent adorable, cheery cherubs.

Although angels are correctly identified as beings living under God, people have interpreted them differently. Some recognize guardian angels as the highest class because of all that they do for the living. When people opt for guardian angel tattoos, they generally go for the full-back wing tattoo designs. This particular angel wing tattoo is usually the largest you will find. After all, the back is the largest blank canvas on our bodies!

Any tattoo discussion about angel tattoo designs without mentioning the enchanting cherub angels would just be shameful. Everyone knows about Cupid: the cherub who brings love to all he comes across. There are loads of people who love his character and choose to get his likeness tattooed on themselves. Cherubs are normally jovial, crafty and chubby.

The type of angel wing tattoos that has grown the most over the years is the fallen angel. This can be depicted as either a full angel tattoo or just the wings. Fallen angels are those who have been exiled from heaven for disobeying or rebelling against God. The most widely-known angel is Lucifer, also knows as Satan. Fallen angel tattoo designs usually depict a sad, sometimes crying angel either wailing in pain or slumped to the ground to where you cannot see their faces. Simple fallen angel wing tattoos show the wings in a dilapidated state, more often than not with torn or missing feathers.

If there was an angel tattoo design made for men, the archangel is it. They are known as fighters for God. Therefore, they generally have armor and weapons on or with them in tattoo designs. Michael, the most well-known archangel for leading the battle against Lucifer, is often memorialized with this type of angel tattoo design.

No matter which of the angel tattoo designs or angel wing tattoos you choose, make sure it's the right decision for you. Getting a tattoo isn't simply about the look of the tat itself, but it's also about what it stands for. People will always interpret tattoos differently. As long as you are comfortable with what your tattoo means to you, the beauty of your angel tattoo will shine!

Bizarre Tattoos

Some of the strangest places on the human body people can get tattoos, I believe, is the face, but as strange as this may seem, I believe this to be a beautiful thing. I really believe that no matter what anyone thinks, if you want to decorate your body and show the world, then do it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why do people do this?

Bizarre tattoos are amongst us all and that is what makes us unique. The true gift of a tattoo.The essence of the art. The creator and artists. The everlasting signature. Yes, it may look strange to some, but for others, it may look even stranger without.

When confronted with someone, I look at the whole picture, the art, the details, the extreme time and patience it took to create such a wonderful and beautiful design. Yes, the art of tattoos has been around for centuries and will always be around.

I look forward to seeing even more bizarre and more beautiful tattoos in the future. I believe the artists deserve more recognition for the awesome and amazing work they perform when creating tattoos. If the work most of them creates were to be transformed onto a canvas, much of the art would be hanging in museums all over the world today. I believe this is what makes Tattoo art so different from other art forms. It is an art that can't be duplicated and is unique in every way and form.

Thank you to all tattoo artists out there. Thank you for creating such beauty. Please continue to do so because you are such true artists in my eyes!

Styles of Tattoos

There are many different styles of tattoos:

Tattoos have managed to pull itself up from its suspect and seedy past with a bad reputation to become an art form that is the subject of human exhibition and self-expression today. Today tattoos have become an art form with new and better tattoo artists coming up with a huge number of styles of tattoos.

When you visit a tattoo parlor or look at an online tattoo gallery, you find that there is a wide range of tattoo styles available and a massive range of styles to choose from. The usual criteria used for choosing tattoos is usually its size, the love for someone, depicting a certain culture or sect or as a status symbol.

Men prefer strong and powerful styles of tattoos:

Men prefer to use identity symbols more than decorative devices that have traditional images like snakes, black panthers and eagles. The most popular option in men are skulls, daggers dripping blood, dragons and basically any image that depicts male strength and valor. Heart tattoos are best used to depict love for both men and women. This is a tattoo that has endured the test of time and is still growing in popular. Tribal styles are becoming more and more popular.

The symbol depicting mystery, power, wisdom and good will is the dragon tattoo. This is because dragons are considered to be good luck and have qualities including strength and courage.

Animal tattoos are the most popular of all. This is because animal tattoos relate to animals that we use to demonstrate the inner connections we have with fine beasts and the similarities we exhibit with these animals. Snake tattoos and reptiles are becoming more and fashionable.

Similarly, bird tattoos have lots of reverence in the tattoo world. Some of the most popular bird tattoos are the eagle, dove, swallow and birds of prey tattoos. Once again, the nature and attitude of the birds are taken into consideration when choosing the bird tattoo.

Women prefer floral styles of tattoos:

Women prefer having floral tattoos and styles of tattoos that are a lot subtler in nature. Other options are of cherry blossom, lotus flower tattoos, blossom, lily and tree tattoos.

Sea creatures are very popular that people like wearing. Sea creature tattoos connect us with our past and the mythical creatures of the deep have a wide appeal. Those who are very spirituality prefer angel tattoos, as they are important in many religions like Christianity, Jewish and Islamic faiths. These angels are considered to be the messengers of god who are protective to us, like guardian angels looking over us.

There are some tattoos that have specific meanings and are meant to cater to specific people while there are generalized tattoos. In Japan, households are represented by the chrysanthemum to depict determination and steadfastness while the peony is used to depict wealth and good fortune.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tattoos - The Early History

There are many people who appreciate the art and symbolism of tattoos, but many people don't know where they came from. The early history of these forms of body art is rather interesting. It can give you an idea of just how far this art progressed. Early uses were mainly for the purpose of showing whether men and women within tribes were marriage material. There were also many tribes that used symbols to ward off evil and illness, as well as identifying specific tribal ranks.
It is believed that tattoos date as far back as 12,000 B.C. Many scholars believe that word "tattoo" originated from the Tahitian word "tatu." This word means "marking" of something.
Throughout history, you can find many references to this type of art. It has been called inking, body art, markings, and various other terms. You can also notice that throughout time, changes occurred from different cultural exposures and technological advances that influence the tattoo process.
Egypt is one of the earliest documented references to tattoos. During the time when the pyramids were being built, Egyptian pharaohs often tattooed - or "marked" - their servants. The process was not unlike cattle branding, and was quite painful. As Egyptian empires began to expand, the art of tattooing, which was not yet considered an art, also expanded.
Tattoos soon became popular among many civilizations like Arabia, Persia, and Greece. It was during this time that it started developing into more of an art form. These early civilizations were known for their extravagant artistic touches, which slowly began to show in the tattoo art.
The Greeks were known to use tattooing as a way to tell their spies apart from the other group's people where the spies were infiltrated, and also to show a particular rank. On the other hand, the Romans used tattoo marks to identify slaves and criminals. It wasn't long before tattooing spread again.
Around 2000 B.C. tattoos became popular in China and Asia. During this time, they were once again used for labeling. Married women and girls reaching womanhood were tattooed as a reflection of skill and social standing.
The people of western Asia, particularly the Ainu, were believed to have introduced tattoos to the Japanese people. The Japanese were the ones who used tattooing for ceremonial activities and religious designations. Additionally, there is evidence that suggests that the Alaskans, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans developed their tattooing from Ainu influence.
In America, the first American styled tattoos appeared in New York City. In a place named Chatham Square, a tattooist named Samuel O'Reilly appeared and opened a tattoo shop. He became famous for using his own invention - the electric tattoo machine. Charlie Wagner was hired as O'Reilly's apprentice, and he went on to open a supply business when O'Reilly died in 1908. Lew Alberts, a wallpaper designer, became Wagner's partner. Wagner was responsible for changing tattoo designs using his designing skills.
After a redesigning of tattoo art, a surge in its popularity occurred. In previous years, the elite members of New York society turned away the idea. By the end of the 1960s, however, the popularity of tattoos surged nearly the same levels as today.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lucy Liu Tattoo

Lucy Liu is a fabulous American actress, featured in films such as Charlie's Angels, Chicago and Kill Bill.

Lucy Liu has been photographed and photoshopped with fake tattoos in the past, however the actress is believed to have a real tiger tattoo, located on her lower back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brian Littrell Tattoos

Brian Littrell is an American singer-songwriter, known as a member of the music group Backstreet Boys, and for albums such as Millennium and Black & Blue.

Brian Littrell has been spotted with a couple of tattoos, including a religious masterpiece on his left shoulder which contains a cross with clouds and sunbeams, the saying "Rock of Ages", along with an angel head and wings.

His other tattoo is an armband of lyrics reading "It was the 15th of June when she walked in my life, it was the first time someone said hello with her eyes".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amy Lita Dumas Tattoos

Amy Dumas, better known by her stage name Lita, is an American singer and professional wrestler, known for her work as WWE Diva.

Amy 'Lita' Dumas has a few tattoos which are quite visible, including an Asian oni demon mask on her right shoulder, plus numerous voodoo skulls on her left arm and shoulder area.

Lita is also said to have a few other tattoo designs, including Chinese symbols on her upper back, the word PUNK on her inner lip, plus the word REBEL in Russian located on her neck.